Family Owned and Operated for
Three Generations Spanning 50 Years

Building Moving – the Oldest Form of Recycling!

Chase Building Movers is a family-owned business that started in 1962. We specialize in raising and moving buildings, whether residential or commercial/industrial, old or new, throughout Maine and New Hampshire.

We use the latest in house and building raising and moving technology. Our experience and track record will ensure that your house, building, machinery, barn, or historic structure will be raised or moved damage-free to your new site. We are continually upgrading our skills to stay on top of industry changes so that we can meet the needs of our customers. In addition, know that we are fully insured.

Why move or raise a building?

Truck moving buildingThere are many reasons you might move a house or other building. Your quiet neighborhood has been ruined by a noisy highway – keep your dream house but have it in a better location! For those in a flood zone, you can preserve your beautiful home by moving it to a dryer location. For those with only a crawl space under the house, raising the house and putting a basement underneath will dramatically increase your living space – and the value of your home!

Chase Building Movers’ offer the following specialized services:

  • Moving / Raising Residential and Historical Homes
  • Moving / Raising Commercial/Industrial Building & Equipment
  • Barn/Timber Frame Restoration
  • Excavation
  • Steel Fabrication

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